The Science Of Fern Moss (Delicate Fern Moss) | Thuidium Delicatulum

Fern moss in a garden

Fern Moss is the common name for the moss species Thuidium delicatulum and is known for its delicate fern-like appearance. Other common names are Fern-like Thuidium, Delicate Thuidium, Delicate Fern Moss, Delicate Thuidium Moss, Feather Moss and Common Fern Moss. It is often used in garden landscapes in areas of full shade and high moisture […]

The Science Of Carpet Moss (Cypress-leaved Moss/Hypnum Moss) | Hypnum Cupressiforme

Carpet moss in a forest

The scientific name of Carpet Moss is Hypnum cupressiforme. The name common name ‘Carpet Moss’ has been derived from its ability to form green carpets across forest floors, rock faces, and tree trunks. Other common names for this moss are Cypress-leaved Moss or Hypnum Moss. The natural carpet provides a soft layer on its substrate […]

The Science Of Mood Moss | Habitat, Characteristics & Life Cycle

Mood moss, Dicranum Scoparium

Mood moss is a moss species known for its lush and velvety look and is often used in moss gardens. This article will dive into the scientific name, taxonomy, classification, habitat, distribution, reproduction and the life cycle of mood moss. 1. Scientific Name Mood Moss is the common name for Dicranum Scoparium. As a moss […]

The Science of PinCushion Moss (Cushion Moss, Bun Moss, or Pillow Moss)

PinCushion Moss, cushion moss, bun moss, pillow moss

Learn about PinCushion Moss, also known as Cushion Moss, Bun Moss, or Pillow Moss, as we dive into its scientific background, taxonomy, and natural habitat. Gain a deeper understanding of its unique morphology, reproduction process, and life cycle, while also exploring the ecological significance of this charming plant species. Scientific Name The scientific name of […]

Where to Buy Sheet Moss| Exploring Local and Online Options for Gardeners and Crafters

Sheet moss

Sheet moss has long been popular and versatile for gardeners, landscapers, and craft enthusiasts. With its lush, green appearance and ability to thrive in various environments, it is no surprise that many individuals are looking for reliable sources to purchase this versatile plant. This article will explore the different options for acquiring sheet moss, from […]

How To Use Live Sheet Moss Indoors and Outdoors

woman walking in sheet moss

Live sheet moss is a versatile and attractive botanical element that can breathe life into various indoor and outdoor applications. With its unique texture, vibrant colors, and natural appeal, live sheet moss is a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your botanical projects. This article will delve into the many uses of live sheet moss […]

How To Plant And Grow Sheet Moss

sheet moss

Sheet moss, a low-growing plant species from the Bryophyte division, is renowned for its dense, lush, green carpet-like appearance. This ground cover grows in flat, overlapping layers with a soft and cushion-like texture. Being versatile and adaptable, sheet moss thrives in areas with high moisture content and low light – making it an excellent addition […]

Bryum Argenteum: Silver Moss or Sidewalk Moss

Close up of Bryum Argenteum, Silver Moss, Sidewalk Moss, Crack Moss, Asphalt Moss

Bryum Argenteum, commonly known as Silver Moss, Sidewalk Moss, is a fascinating and versatile moss species found in various environments worldwide. This article will explore this moss’s unique characteristics, distribution, ecological importance, and potential uses in cultivation and landscaping. Classification Bryum Argenteum (Silver Moss or Sidewalk Moss) belongs to the plant kingdom Plantae and the […]