How To Grow Moss Between Pavers

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If you want to grow moss between pavers, choose an area with a maximum of 60% sunlight, water it regularly, and add sulfur to the soil if needed. Below is a guide with instructions on how to grow moss between pavers.

Choosing The Right Moss

Look for Pluerocarp Mosses and transplant between pavers, then water until they fill in; that’s it! See our blog post if you don’t know your Pluerocarp from your Acrocarp.

The best moss for between stepping stones in sunny areas is Byrum moss. Use Sheet moss if the pavers are located in a shady area.

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Sunlight Conditions

Pay attention to your sunlight conditions and look for mosses growing in the same exposure to better your success; collect different species and mix them to ensure further one species will like the conditions.


Prepare the site by pulling the weeds between de pavers and filling it with soil.

First, you can wet the soil and the bottom of the moss to be transplanted. Secondly, pack the moss between the pavers and stamp it down with your feet or hands.

Make sure not to destroy the moss in the meantime, so be a little bit careful. This last step is necessary because otherwise, air pockets will remain between the moss and the soil and will prevent it from attaching to the surface.

moss for between stepping stones, how to grow moss between pavers, moss around stepping stones
Moss growing between stepping stones


Keep the moss moist after watering. Water it daily for a period of 3-6 weeks until it is attached to the soil. Yes, the secret is out; growing moss takes only watering. Mosses are extremely drought tolerant, so they don’t need water to survive but need water to grow.

You will have to water the moss often in order to keep it green and happy. It won’t die without moisture, but it will go brown.

Mosses only perform photosynthesis when they are hydrated; otherwise, they happily remain dormant until moisture returns.

The key to establishing moss anywhere is to water how much and when; see our blog post on watering mosses.


You might want to propagate moss instead of transplanting it. That is also an effective way of growing moss around stepping stones.

To propagate moss between pavers, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Take one cup of moss fragments.
  2. Take one cup of water.
  3. Blend it for two minutes.
  4. Pour the mixture between the pavers.
  5. Water it daily.

After 4-6 weeks, moss grows between the stepping stones. Congrats! You have successfully grown your moss.

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