Can Moss Grow In The Sun? | Top 3 Sun-Tolerant Mosses

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It is often said that moss can only grow in the shade. This is a myth because mosses a lot of mosses can survive in sunny areas as long as there is enough moisture. Below is a guide to sun-loving mosses.

Mosses are found all over the planet. From the dryest and hottest Sahara desert until the shadiest parts of the humid amazon rainforest. So yes, moss can grow in the sun.

One of my favorite sun-tolerant mosses is the Syntrichia Caninervis. This unique desert plant has developed a beautiful trick to tap into scarce water supplies in the desert. It has developed an awn (a thirst-quenching structure) with hairlike structures that project from the end of its leaves to capture precious water from dew.

The awns of this moss have grooves of about a hundred nanometers deep and two hundred nanometers in width and are therefore perfect for capturing moisture from the air.

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Three Of The Mos Sun Tolerant Mosses

Giving you the names of sun-tolerant mosses is easy; the hard part is identifying them.

1. Bryum Moss

Bryum Caespiticium (also known as Bryum moss or Sun moss) is at the top of the list and known for its tolerance for direct sun.

Bryum moss, sun moss, Bryum Caespiticium,
Bryum moss (Latin name: Bryum Caespiticium)

Bryum moss grows well in sunny areas but can turn brown after a period without much moisture. It will bounce back once it rains again or after you water it. Bryum Caespiticium grows in clumps and has a brilliant emerald green color if it is in top condition.

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2. PinCushion Moss

PinCushion moss is also known as Leucobryum Glaucum and is another moss for sunny areas. This type of moss is a Pleurocarpous moss and grows in clumps (like Bryum moss).

Leucobryum Glaucum, pincushion moss, cushion moss
PinCushion moss (Latin name: Leucobryum Glaucum)

PinCushion moss is often found in dry areas with moderate sun. This moss can be found all over the northern hemisphere and has a slightly grayish-white and green color.

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3. Seductive Entodon Moss

Seductive entodon moss is also known as Entodon Seductrix. This plant is part of the Entodontaceae family and is a pleurocarpous moss that grows on soil, wood, and stone. It grows in flat colonies and is known as a versatile moss.

Seductive Entodon Moss
Seductive Entodon moss (Latin name: Entodon Seductrix)

That is it for now. If you have any questions about sun-loving moss, let us know in the comments or send us a message.

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