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Dear Moss And Stone Gardens,

Can you advise me which moss prefers sunlight? I have a path and the 10 foot stitch of it that gets about 4 hrs of direct noon sunshine keeps dying out while the rest of the shaded path looks lush and green with moss. Which variety I have I am not sure. I live in northern Illinois. Thanks much. Love your pictures.

From Roxanne.


Dear Roxanne,

Giving you the names of sun tolerant mosses is easy, the hard part is identifying them. Entodon seductrix is the top of the list.  Entodon seductrix is a pleurocarp that grows on soil, wood, and stone. Other sun tolerant mosses include Climacium americanum, Leucobryum glaucum, Ceratodon purpureus and Bryum argentium. These are listed in order of usefulness for your application.

One way to find a good fit is to look for mosses growing in the same conditions you have.

Good luck Roxanne and please follow our blog for more useful tips!

– Moss & Stone Gardens


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