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Hello !

I’m REALLY excited to have come across this site: I really love moss but live in sometimes-dry northern California. My climate is a Mediterranean climate, characterized by damp to wet, mild winters and hot, dry summers. And I wanted to landscape my entire half acre backyard with moss that can endure piercing sunlight. My concern is the color: Like the picture at the head of this article, the landscape has a tan color to it. But I have grown an affinity for rich green hues in moss and want to know which moss I should plant that can take the heat but still stay fabulous (green.)

Xia M.


Dear Xia,

I am glad to hear of your enthusiasm, you’ll need it to landscape a half acre with moss! Start by observing local species that are growing in similar exposures to your backyard. Once you have found species that are appropriate, collect some and transplant to your landscape. If you do this at the beginning of your wet season, it will minimize the need to irrigate for establishment.

Capitalize on your successes and continue to fragment and spread until you have developed a section of the landscape. Once you have a healthy patch of moss, you can use it as a nursery to seed other areas. You may also find species that will volunteer on their own if you remove all vegetation, smooth the ground and keep moist for 8 to 12 weeks. When the surface begins to turn green, you’ll know that moss is forming. Best of luck and keep us informed on your progress.

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