Moss Trending — Country Gardens Magazine Photo Shoot

If you ever get the chance to be apart of a photo shoot, even as a bystander, do it.  They are so much fun.  Interesting, in fact.  If nothing else, you will get a lesson in light.

Moss and Stone Gardens Photographer, Ken Gergle shooting the shoot

By the time David Spain’s flower frog collection was photographed for Country Gardens magazine, he was experienced.  Earlier that week, David’s dish garden designs were also photographed at the Moss Farm, the nursery for Moss and Stone Gardens.

There was no way his entire collection of flower frogs could be photographed for the feature story — David has more than 250 flower frogs. And if there is one thing we learned about David through blog posts this past year, besides his love for moss, is that when he embraces something, he goes all the way.  The man knows nothing about doing something half-way.

While his collection caught the eye of Country Garden’s editor, James Baggett, the backdrop for shooting David’s collection ain’t too shabby and, no doubt, led the desire to feature the collection.  With moss trending the two together–moss creating drama beyond floral frogs on a bench, was magic.

Flower Frogs

Although flower frogs are still functional, collectors have come to appreciate them as stand-alone ornaments, artfully arranged on walls, placed in glass-front cabinets, and even leaping into the garden…..

….”My collection grew as as it became common for my mother and grandmother to give me flower frogs as birthday and Christmas gifts,” says David Spain.

Pick up a copy to learn tips for collecting flower frogs and the best match with the right type of plant.


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