New Year’s Gathering: Cobble Plus One – Party Rock



The invitation finally arrived! I’ve been invited the event of the year, everyone will be there. I shall wear Toadstool. Toadstool goes with everyone, so I’ll look good chatting up the cute blond in Raindrop, the hottie in Bark, and when all the kids gather around to hear my travel tales, their rosy cheeks will reflect nicely in my luster. But, the invitation states: Cobble Plus ONE. This is a problem; with ten of my best Pebbles in town, how do I choose who can come with me?

The last time I left Pebble Betty out of the fun, she shed her rainwater for four days. It was hard to watch. Pebble Lulu will be fine, completely understanding. But, is that reason enough to choose someone else, because she can handle not going? No, I don’t think so.

Pebble Paul will get over it, and I believe he has another invite; however, it’s not to the party of the year. Honestly, I ‘m surprised he isn’t the one who got the invitation, instead of me. Pebble Paul is always the life of the party, charming all the other Pebbles, Cobbles and Boulders.

I could bring Pebble Patricia. She has a way of brightening up a room wherever she goes. Her radiant smile would be an excellent distraction as the other nine Pebbles scattered about, crashing the party. But, I can’t involve her in this; it wouldn’t be fair.

I think the best thing to do is to go “alone” with a platter of Pebbles disguised as Deviled Moss Eggs. I’m sure to be well received as my hostess gift. Once on the table, next to the Foie Gras, my ten Pebble friends can slowly scoot off the table to mingle with the other party guests. This is the best plan since everyone knows Deviled Moss Eggs are always the first to be eaten. While it’s true the next person to the table noticing the Deviled Moss Eggs gone will be disappointed; they will just assume others got to the table for a nosh before them. They are always the first to go.  But all that will be forgotten with the joy my ten Pebble friends will bring to the party.

Yes! me and my best ten best Pebbles will all go and you’ll fine us shufflin to the beat at this New Year’s treat. Ok, plan in place, I shall gather my Pebble friends around to share the good news. Let’s Party Rock!

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