How To Identify And Manage Common Moss Issues

This article covers the most common moss care problems. The first chapter of the article will explain how to identify common moss problems such as pests and diseases, physical damage, and environmental stress. The next chapter covers common misconceptions and health concerns and the last two chapters explain (advanced) moss care and maintenance. 1. Identifying […]

How Does Moss Grow? | The Life Cycle Of Moss Explained

moss life cycle

This article will explain how mosses grow by explaining their complete life cycle. We will start with an overview of the moss life cycle, next, we will cover reproduction strategies, followed by spore germination, the development of gametophytes, and the biology of both sexual (including sporophyte generation) and asexual reproduction, then we will explain the […]

How To Care For Moss | Basics & Advanced Moss Care Techniques

woman doing moss care

This article will teach you how to take care of moss. We will begin with a section that will explain different types and the basics of moss, next we will explain watering techniques, how to manage light conditions and we will cover substrates and fertilzation. We will also explain how to propagate moss at home, […]

What Is Moss? The Science Of Moss Plants Explained

what is moss

In this article, we’ll answer the question ‘What is moss?’ by covering their basic biology and ecology, how you can identify them, we’ll cover different types of mosses and their adaptations, and finally we’ll explain the role they play in nature and conservation. 1. The Basics of Moss Mosses are a fascinating group of noon-vascular […]

The Science Of Tree Moss (Tree Apron Moss, Tree Skirt Moss, Poodle Moss, or Anomodon Moss)

Tree moss

Tree Moss is scientifically known as Anomodon attenuatus, but is also known by other common names such as Tree Apron Moss, Tree Skirt Moss, Poodle Moss, or Anomodon Moss. This moss species can be found on tree trunks where it creates a lush, green apron around them. Below, we will cover the scientific name, synonyms […]

The Science Of Sphagnum Moss (Sphagnum Platyphyllum)

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss; scientifically known as ‘Sphagnum platyphyllum’, is a type of moss that plays an important role in the formation of peat bogs and wetland ecosystems. It is a popular moss because of its practical applications of Sphagnum Moss in gardening, horticulture, and even in medical fields. Below, we will cover the scientific name, synonyms, […]