The Science Of Tree Moss (Tree Apron Moss, Tree Skirt Moss, Poodle Moss, or Anomodon Moss)

Tree moss

Tree Moss is scientifically known as Anomodon attenuatus, but is also known by other common names such as Tree Apron Moss, Tree Skirt Moss, Poodle Moss, or Anomodon Moss. This moss species can be found on tree trunks where it creates a lush, green apron around them. Below, we will cover the scientific name, synonyms […]

The Science Of Sphagnum Moss (Sphagnum Platyphyllum)

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss; scientifically known as ‘Sphagnum platyphyllum’, is a type of moss that plays an important role in the formation of peat bogs and wetland ecosystems. It is a popular moss because of its practical applications of Sphagnum Moss in gardening, horticulture, and even in medical fields. Below, we will cover the scientific name, synonyms, […]

The Science Of Bryum Moss | Habitat, Distribution, Characteristics & More

Bryum moss between rocks

Bryum Moss, also called ‘Sun Moss‘, is scientifically described as ‘Bryum caespiticium’. This moss is one of the most popular choices by landscapers and gardeners because of its ability to survive in areas with moderate to full sunlight. Below we will discuss name and synonyms, the taxonomy, habitat, distribution, characteristics, its internal structure, and how […]

The Science Of Haircap Moss | Habitat, Characteristics, Distribution & Reproduction

Mat of Haircap moss

Haircap Moss is the common name for the moss species ‘Polytrichum commune’ but is also known as ‘Hairy Cap Moss, Hair Moss, Common Hair Moss, Great Goldilocks or Common Haircap Moss. In this article, we will cover the scientific name, taxonomy, habitat, distribution, physical characteristics, internal structure, and reproduction strategies of this moss. 1. Scientific […]

The Science of Reindeer Moss | Habitat, Distribution, Characteristics & Reproduction

Reindeer moss close up

Reindeer Moss (scientific name: Cladonia rangiferina) is not a true moss but a lichen (a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and an alga). It is found in arctic and boreal regions where it serves as a primary food source for reindeer (hence the name) and caribou during the winter months. It is often used in […]

The Science Of Fern Moss (Delicate Fern Moss) | Thuidium Delicatulum

Fern moss in a garden

Fern Moss is the common name for the moss species Thuidium delicatulum and is known for its delicate fern-like appearance. Other common names are Fern-like Thuidium, Delicate Thuidium, Delicate Fern Moss, Delicate Thuidium Moss, Feather Moss and Common Fern Moss. It is often used in garden landscapes in areas of full shade and high moisture […]

The Science Of Carpet Moss | Habitat, Characteristics & Reproduction

Carpet moss in a forest

The scientific name of Carpet Moss is Hypnum cupressiforme. The name common name ‘Carpet Moss’ has been derived from its ability to form green carpets across forest floors, rock faces, and tree trunks. Other common names for this moss are Cypress-leaved Moss or Hypnum Moss. The natural carpet provides a soft layer on its substrate […]

The Science Of Mood Moss (Broom Moss/Dicranum Moss)

Mood moss, Dicranum Scoparium

Mood moss (also called Broom Moss or Dicranum Moss) is a moss species known for its lush and velvety look and is often used in moss gardens. This article will dive into the scientific name, taxonomy, classification, habitat, distribution, reproduction and the life cycle of mood moss. 1. Scientific Name Mood Moss is the common […]