Moss Matters – Your Learning Guide

Moss Myths Moss misconceptions abound.   Is it true a rolling stone gathers no moss? To better understand moss, I asked David Spain with Moss and Stone Gardens, Raleigh, NC, to enlighten us with the truth about mosses, dispelling many common moss myths. Moss prefers acidic or nutrient poor soils. True or False? False –Most mosses are not […]

Hats off to moss

It’s really too bad the Royal Wedding is behind us; no doubt this moss dish garden would have morphed into a fashionable hat for the occasion.  Well, there’s always Ascot, another UK occasion to wear the height of fashion.  Indeed, moss is the height of fashion; I can imagine millineries making hats from moss next season, showing up in the middle of […]

Country Dish

Marrying moss with stone is the perfect match, but when moss is coupled with pottery, it becomes a creative pairing. That’s exactly what happened, when David Spain of Moss and Stone Gardens collaborated with Marsha Owen, of Marsha Owen Pottery, to design stoneware containers for various  bryophytes. Meeting David’s exacting specifications for profile and drainage, holes are included […]

A couple of catchy moss caches – your new best friends

Cheeky, catchy, charming, cute, Moss and Stone Gardens’ Mexican earthenware moss caches are a gardener’s new best friend.  At first they seem like just another adorable way to befriend moss, but you soon realize, they are so much more. “These small containers were fun to put together, the rough handmade quality was just asking for playful plantings […]

Understanding The Growth Rate Of Pleurocarps Versus Acrocarps

Pleurocarp habit Anyone who has tried to start a moss lawn knows mosses are slow growing. Most people understand this, but many don’t understand why or just how slow is slow. Mosses are very primitive plants without a higher evolved vascular system. They are limited to energy production by three factors: moisture, sunlight, and temperatures […]

Moss Trending — Country Gardens Magazine Photo Shoot

If you ever get the chance to be apart of a photo shoot, even as a bystander, do it.  They are so much fun.  Interesting, in fact.  If nothing else, you will get a lesson in light. Moss and Stone Gardens Photographer, Ken Gergle shooting the shoot By the time David Spain’s flower frog collection […]