How To Grow Moss Between Pavers

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If you want to grow moss between pavers, choose an area with a maximum of 60% sunlight, water it regularly, and add sulfur to the soil if needed. Below is a guide with instructions on how to grow moss between pavers. Choosing The Right Moss Look for Pluerocarp Mosses and transplant between pavers, then water […]

The Truth About Moss | Dispelling Moss Myths

There are many moss myths going around, and we often get questions about moss myths that we like to clear up. The first one will be the ‘moss buttermilk myth’. After that, we explain on which side of a tree moss grows, followed by the question if moss causes allergies and if ticks like moss. […]

13 Moss Companion Plants For Your Moss Garden

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Are you looking for plants that grow well with moss? Pairing the correct plants with mossy areas enhances the beauty and the ecosystem of your garden. Below is a list of thirteen moss companion plants (buy them here) that you can use for your garden. The plants below complement moss because of shade tolerance, moisture […]

How To Grow Moss In A Container | Safe & Unsafe Materials

how to grow moss in a container

Choosing the right container for growing moss is essential for success. Some containers will contaminate the moss from spreading. Below is a guide on choosing the right container for growing moss. Conduction Even though mosses don’t have a root system to draw nutrients or liquids from substrates they are growing on, they are still capable […]

Undulating Waves

Ends curl along the pottery’s edge, as if lapping the rise and fall of the ocean’s water, Marsha Owens Pottery provides a fluid vessel for moss to float. Mounting, moss species of acrocarps Dicranum scoparium, Campylopus introflexus and Luecobryum glaucum, mesh well with small stemmed pleurocarpous moss, Bryoandersonia illecebra, where over time, the pleurocarp will intermingle with the acrocarps. Further adding […]

Moss Matters – Your Learning Guide

Moss Myths Moss misconceptions abound.   Is it true a rolling stone gathers no moss? To better understand moss, I asked David Spain with Moss and Stone Gardens, Raleigh, NC, to enlighten us with the truth about mosses, dispelling many common moss myths. Moss prefers acidic or nutrient poor soils. True or False? False –Most mosses are not […]

Hats off to moss

It’s really too bad the Royal Wedding is behind us; no doubt this moss dish garden would have morphed into a fashionable hat for the occasion.  Well, there’s always Ascot, another UK occasion to wear the height of fashion.  Indeed, moss is the height of fashion; I can imagine millineries making hats from moss next season, showing up in the middle of […]