Moss Rocks!’s David Spain on GardenLine Radio with C.L. Fornari


  The ever enthusiastic moss man, David Spain recently talked moss with  gardening enthusiast, C.L. Fornari on  Gardenline,  It was mossome!  Check it out. C.L.’s interview probed moss. David Spain is a passionate moss expert, pioneering moss cultivation, working to educate gardeners of the perils of wild harvesting of mosses and to, instead, help them develop sustainable propagation […]

David Spain in Country Gardens magazine


      Our very own, David Spain co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks  is featured in the most recent issue — early spring — of  Country Gardens magazine.  We featured the photo shoot back in May; today, the story is nestled among many other truly unique and wonderful stories in one […]

Earthworm castings on moss


  Dear David Spain,   I have been encouraging moss in my backyard and following your tips for a regular watering schedule. I can really see a big difference in the growth of the moss since I started and we are getting very excited with the results. The trouble is that there’s often many earthworm […]

Ken Gergle’s Photography

Award winning photographer, Ken Gergle, is the man behind the lens at Moss And Stone Gardens. I’m of the opinion that Ken is Moss and Stone Garden’s unsung hero.  For almost a year, Moss And Stone Gardens has posted weekly with one of Ken Gergle’s fantastic photos.  Each week, Ken works on a moss composition for the blog […]

New Year’s Gathering: Cobble Plus One – Party Rock


The invitation finally arrived! I’ve been invited the event of the year, everyone will be there. I shall wear Toadstool. Toadstool goes with everyone, so I’ll look good chatting up the cute blond in Raindrop, the hottie in Bark, and when all the kids gather around to hear my travel tales, their rosy cheeks will reflect […]

Encouraging Moss

Reader Question Dear Moss And Stone Gardens, I live in Georgia and have moss growing naturally on the bare earth in front of my house. This strip of land, between the sidewalk and street, has always been a challenge.  Since moss is growing there on it’s own, what can I do to make it fully […]

Happy Mossgiving

Happy Mossgiving to you and yours Let us give thanks and praise. Moss be with you Moss be good Moss be all over your neighborhood. Moss is green Moss is gold Moss is something to behold. Moss in pebble Moss in cobble and in boulder Moss in sizes made to order. Moss on Lichen and […]

Moss And Leaves

Readers Questions Dear Moss And Stone Gardens, What is your recommendation for protecting moss from leaves? I assume the netting plays a role but I’m unsure what type and how to implement it. Thanks for any info you can provide. Jeff —– Dear Jeff, I would recommend the same 3/8 inch mesh for leaf collection […]

Moss, maple, mortar


    The pairing of moss and maples melds together like moss on moist.  This antique Japanese teak rice mortar, inspired David Spain to go with the placement of a Japanese maple, nestled deep in the mortar base.  As David explains,  When I found this 100+ year old teak mortar, I knew it was going to make […]

Moss, Martha, Moss Rocks!


As a business, the word about David Spain and Ken Gergle’s company, Moss and Stone Gardens has spread solely through word-of-mouth. For more than 12 years, Moss and Stone Gardens focused on landscape design.  Their designs are artistic in nature, which is no surprise since both David and Ken have art backgrounds — David with […]