When You’re Feeling Blue, Dish

Nary a breeze to move summer air, sweat beads on the brows of even the most sincere southern sons and sisters.  Seeking shelter under the old oak tree, or carrying a glass of sweet tea onto the veranda to find your favorite chair, then rocking to a rhythm of the crick in the ceiling fan, waiting for the worst part of the day to end.

If you aren’t careful, you might start to feel blue.  The heat can take the glamour out of a southern day.  Instead of feeling blue, let blue rule your sweltering solitude.

David Spain, co-owner of Moss and Stone Garden needed a way to combat those hot and heady hours.  David’s inspiration for this blue dish, was to feel cool at the sight of blue, “Blue not only has a calming effect, it can also make you feel cool. I paired the blue bowl with Meehan’s mint (Meehania cordata). When Meehan’s mint flowers, purple-blue blooms add a refreshing complement to the blue in the dish. “

Mosses, of course, were added as a main ingredient to this dish, accented with a dash of the ebony spleenwort, for height and texture.

Mosses used included, Bryoandersonia illecebraThuidium delecatulum, Plagiomnium cuspidatum, Campylopus introflexus and Climacium americanum.

So the next time you feel blue, dish this up for a summer respite.

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