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The Science Of Fern Moss (Delicate Fern Moss) | Thuidium Delicatulum

Fern moss in a garden

Fern Moss is the common name for the moss species Thuidium delicatulum and is known for its delicate fern-like appearance. Other common names are Fern-like Thuidium, Delicate Thuidium, Delicate Fern Moss, Delicate Thuidium Moss, Feather Moss and Common Fern Moss. It is often used in garden landscapes in areas of full shade and high moisture […]

The Science Of Carpet Moss (Cypress-leaved Moss/Hypnum Moss) | Hypnum Cupressiforme

Carpet moss in a forest

The scientific name of Carpet Moss is Hypnum cupressiforme. The name common name ‘Carpet Moss’ has been derived from its ability to form green carpets across forest floors, rock faces, and tree trunks. Other common names for this moss are Cypress-leaved Moss or Hypnum Moss. The natural carpet provides a soft layer on its substrate […]

The Science Of Mood Moss | Habitat, Characteristics & Life Cycle

Mood moss, Dicranum Scoparium

Mood moss is a moss species known for its lush and velvety look and is often used in moss gardens. This article will dive into the scientific name, taxonomy, classification, habitat, distribution, reproduction and the life cycle of mood moss. 1. Scientific Name Mood Moss is the common name for Dicranum Scoparium. As a moss […]

Acrocarpous Moss vs. Pleurocarpous Moss | Differences Explained

Pleurocarpous moss, Pleurocarpous, Acrocarpous Moss, Acrocarpous,

All mosses can be classified into two types: Acrocarpous and Pleurocarpous. Below we explain the difference between these two types of mosses. What Is Acrocarpous Moss? Acrocarpous mosses have an upright growth habit and grow slower than Pleurocarpous mosses. defines Acrocarpous Moss as: “A type of moss in which the archegonia, and hence the capsules, are […]

Why Moss Turns Black And What You Can Do About It

moss turning black

Moss grows beautiful for years, but the moss suddenly turned black. It happens from the bottom up, and sometimes parts die altogether. The moss is close to a pond or is part of a (moss) terrarium. Do you recognize this problem? Why Does Moss Turn Black? There can be many reasons why moss is turning […]

How To Grow Moss Between Flagstones

how to grow moss between flagstone, moss between flagstone, planting moss between flagstone, growing moss between flagstone

If you have a shady area in your garden that is too moist for grass, you might want to consider growing moss between the flagstones. It will create a beautiful patio. Below is a guide on growing moss between flagstones. Growing moss between dry-set flagstone in a shady area is a natural combination. In a […]

How To Harvest And Collect Moss | Scooping, Scraping & Raking Explained

how to harvest moss, how to collect moss

Mosses can be harvested by scooping, scraping, or raking. The technique for moss collection depends on the type of moss. Acrocarpous mosses can best be harvested after rainfall with the scooping technique. Pleurocarpous mosses can be collected by scooping, scraping, or raking. Acrocarpous Mosses Acrocarpous mosses are best harvested by scooping them after a rainfall.  […]