Moss•ol•ogy- môs ˈäləjē – a fictitious but believable name for the study of true, but unbelievable moss facts.

~ Moss is the oldest terrestrial plant on earth

~ Moss created our first soils

~ Mosses collectively provide more carbon offset than all the trees in the world.

~ Mosses are present on all seven continents

~ There are over 12,500 recognized species of moss worldwide.

~ Mosses have been used by civilizations for many thousands of years for many interesting things such as pillow stuffing, diapers and wound dressings

~ Even though water is necessary for mosses to develop, they are drought tolerant

~ Mosses do not have roots.

~ Moss has a wider growing range of light exposure than any other plant

dsc_5529~ Mosses do not produce pollen, seeds, or

~ Moss does not feed on anything that it is
attached to

~ Moss obtains all it’s nutrients from rainfall
and sunlight

~ There is a place for moss in any garden.

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