Onsite Consultations

Moss and Stone Gardens’ owners are among the premier moss experts in the country and are forerunners in using mosses in innovative shade garden designs. Our gardens and creations have been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, expounding on the beauty and benefits of mosses in our landscapes, and the tranquility of a well designed shade garden.

onsitecon2-2We are now offering new and existing clients access to our expertise in the form of onsite consultations. Your consultation will involve an assessment of the existing landscape, with a focus on terrain, soil, light, and water conditions, as well as, the many other aspects to be considered in installing a first class shade garden. We will answer any questions to address your ideas and concerns. Through our assessment and discussion with you, we will work together to determine an overall design concept, as well as, suitable mosses and other plant species for your project.

onsitecon1Once you decide you can’t live without a mossy retreat, we can provide you with anything, from simple design ideas through a turn key installation, including all mosses, stonework, plantings, and other materials necessary to give the instant gratification of having your very own moss and stone garden. A moss and stone garden is a source of restful tranquility to be enjoyed year round and will be the envy of your community.

Consultation Fees

Onsite Consultation

Raleigh area and 25 mile radius


Outside 25 mile radius

$150 plus mileage

Outside 50 mile radius

$150 $25.00/hour plus mileage

Moss Garden Design $500 minimum


Moss and Stone Gardens collaborates with clients to prepare
an estimate based on your budget.