Broom Forkmoss (Bulk)


Our organically grown Broom Forkmoss is now also available in bulk quantities for larger landscaping projects. This moss is naturally grown and harvested on our renewable fields in the Northeastern USA. This moss is used for forested garden areas and creative rock garden additions. We do not use pesticides or chemicals and this product is sustainably harvested.

This is a bulk product. You can also buy Broom Forkmoss in smaller quantities here.


  • Name: Broom Forkmoss (Bulk version)
  • Appearance: This moss has slender, upright shoots and feather-like branches.
  • Color: A vibrant green hue and can change to darker or lighter shades depending on the moisture levels.
  • Conditions: Broom Forkmoss can adapt to moderate shade and tolerate direct sunlight for 4 hours daily but it flourishes in damp, shaded environments.
  • Resilience: This moss demonstrates a robust ability to withstand periods of dryness. It can turn brown when there is a lack of water (dormant) but it recovers as moisture levels increase.
  • Soil Preference: This moss can survive in various soil types but prefers acidic substrates.
  • Usage: Perfect for covering ground in forested garden areas, to enhance walkways, or as a feature in rocky moss gardens.
  • Maintenance: Requires low maintenance once established as long as there is enough shade and moisture.