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Name: Bryum moss

Also known as: Bryum caespiticium

Used for: Sidewalks and sunny gardens

Conditions: Moderate shade or direct sunlight

Color: Brilliant emerald green (when damp) or brown (when dried out)

Short description: Bryum moss is known as “Bryum caespiticium” and is part of the Bryaceae family. This moss grows in clumps and is often found between stones on walkways and deals well with direct sunlight. This heat-resistant plant can dry completely out but will bounce back when it gets in contact with water.


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What Is Bryum Moss?

Bryum moss is scientifically described as “Bryum Caespiticium”. This moss is of the genus “Bryum” and the family “Bryacaea”.  It is a small plant of 10 mm in height, slightly glossy and can vary from brilliant emerald green when it is damp to brown when it is dried out. Bryum Caespiticium moss has small stems and is subflorally branched.

This moss has oblong-acuminate leaves with a brown/reddish base and a caespitose base. It can tolerate direct sunlight and foot traffic. In the wild, the Bryum Caespiticium is often found at high elevations in mountainous regions. It is distributed worldwide due to human cultivation and can be found in North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.


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