Haircap Moss (Bulk)


Our organically grown Haircap Moss is now also available in bulk quantities. This moss is sustainably harvested from our renewable fields and grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.  Haircap Moss thrives in medium shade to partial sun and sandy soil and is often used in combination with plant beds or in combination with other mosses.



  • Name: Haircap Moss (Bulk version)
  • Synonyms: Harcapmoss is also known as Common Haircap, Great Golden Maidenhair, Great Goldilocks, Common Haircap Moss, and Common Hair Moss.
  • Usage: Often used for large-scale moss gardens, beds, and terrariums. This moss can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Conditions: Prefers medium shade to partial sun.
  • Color: A vibrant dark green hue but the color can change due to different moisture levels.
  • Maintenance: Requires low maintenance like most mosses (especially outside).  Occasional misting is required for indoor use.


This is a bulk product. If you can buy smaller quantities of Haircap moss here.