Haircap Moss | 5 Square Feet


Name: Haircap Moss

Also Known As: Polytrichum Commune

Used For: Gardens, beds, terrariums, indoors & outdoors

Conditions: Full or partial shade

Color: Dark green (or brown when it ages)

Short Description: Common haircap moss is also known as Polytrichum Commune. This moss is found in high rainfall areas and other places with high humidity. Haircap moss grows in peat bogs and ofter form large colonies.


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What is Haircap Moss (Polytrichum Commune)?

The Latin name for Haircap moss is Polytrichum Commune. This type of moss is one of the most prevalent plants worldwide and is often found in high humidity areas like wetlands. The stem of the plant is covered with hair, and the leaves of haircap moss are green-grayish with a red/brown tip.

Haircap moss can be found in large colonies all around the world. It grows in large pads, and female plants look different from their male counterparts. Male plants have receptacles on their tops, and female plants carry eggs between overlapping leaves.

How To Care For Haircap Moss

Haircap moss is (like most mosses) an easy plant to look after. This moss will die without moisture, but it can deal with a bit of sunshine now and then.

Polytrichum commune can be used for decorative pieces, and it grows happily indoors, outdoors, in terrariums or pots.


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