Hay-Scented Fern


The Hay-Scented Fern (named after it’s scent) is scientifically known as Dennstaedtia punctilobula and is a native North American fern. It is organically grown on our renewable fields. This fern is a beautiful addition to any shaded moss lawn or natural landscape. It has an interesting aesthetic appeal, scent and improved the local biodiversity.


  • Name: Hay-Scented Fern
  • Scientific Name: Dennstaedtia punctilobula
  • Appearance: This fern has divided, lacy fronds which gives it an airy and delicate texture. The fern can grow up to three feet tall with dense and lush clusters.
  • Color: The fronds the Hay-Scented Fern are of a vibrant light green. Sometimes it can have a slightly glossy appearance and it can keep you garden green all year around.
  • Environment: This fern is naturally found in variety of forested habitats across the eastern United States and parts of Canada. It prefers shaded or partially shaded conditions with enough moisture.
  • Soil Preference: It can adapt to a wide range of soil types but thrives best in moist and well-drained soils.
  • Growth Habit: This fern can form extensive colonies and create large areas of dense ground cover.
  • Erosion Control: Its dense growth habit helps stabilize soil and prevent erosion, especially useful on slopes or in areas prone to soil disturbance.
  • Biodiversity: This fern offers habitat and shelter for local wildlife and plays an important role in the biodiversity of an ecosystem.
  • Maintenance: Once established it requires minimal care. This makes it a popular low-maintenance option for gardeners who want to add some greenness to shady areas in wintertime.
  • Benefits: The Hay-Scented moss has an aesthetic value and a unique hay-scented fragrance when brushed or crushed, making it a unique addition to any garden.
  • Usage: Often used for naturalizing woodland gardens, or adding texture and fragrance to shaded (moss) garden beds and also used  for erosion control efforts in landscape design.