Lady Fern


Our organically grown Lady Ferns are also known as Athyrium filix-femin and are a beautiful addition to any shaded or woodland garden. This fern is known for its fine and lacy fronds and has a feathery texture. It adapts easily to different environments and is a popular choice for gardeners who work with shady gardens.


  • Name: Lady Fern
  • Scientific Name: Athyrium filix-femina
  • Appearance: This fern has delicate and fine fronds with a lacy texture and resembles an intricate lacework.
  • Color: The fronds of the Lady fern are of a serene, light green hue and they stay green during wintertime.
  • Environment: This fern thrives in moist and shady woodland settings and often planted in natural-looking shaded gardens or under tree canopies.
  • Soil Preference: The Lady fern can adapt to different soil types but it will do best in moist well-drained conditions.
  • Growth Habit: It forms graceful clumps that can fill in shaded areas.
  • Erosion Control: The root system of this fern helps stabilize the soil and is therefore often used in combination with moss to reduce erosion.
  • Biodiversity Support: Like all ferns, this one creates also a refuge for small wildlife, insects, and birds and functions as a micro-ecosystem in your garden.
  • Maintenance: Requires minimal care once established. This fern has a natural resilience and resistance to pests and diseases and is perfect for low-maintenance gardens.
  • Benefits: The Lady Fern offers increased soil stabilization, supports local wildlife, is very adaptable, and is a low-maintenance and shade-loving plant.
  • Usage: This fern is often used for lush, cool, and shaded corners within gardens, under trees, and/or part of woodland gardens.