Broom Forkmoss


Our natural Broom Forkmoss is perfect for various landscaping projects and is naturally grown and harvested on our renewable fields in the Northeastern USA.

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  • Name: Broom Forkmoss
  • Appearance: Known for its slender, upright shoots and distinctive feather-like branches.
  • Color: A vibrant green hue.
  • Conditions: Adapts well to moderate shade. Can tolerate direct sunlight but thrives best in damp, shaded environments.
  • Resilience: Capable of withstanding periods of dryness, Broom Forkmoss will turn brown under water stress but bounces back once the mosture levels rise.
  • Soil Preference: It can survive in different soil types but it shows a preference for acidic substrates.
  • Usage: Ideal for covering ground in forested garden areas, around walkways, or as a unique addition to rock gardens.
  • Maintenance: Low. Once established, it requires minimal care.