Fern Moss


Our sustainably grown Fern Moss is a versatile and fast-growing moss species. It thrives best in moist, shaded environments and loves organic soil or humus. This moss is very adaptable and can grow over logs, rocks, or stumps.  Fern Moss can tolerate more sunlight than most other moss species.

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  • Name: Fern Moss
  • Synonyms: Commonly referred to as Thuidium Moss, Common Fern Moss, and Ground Fern Moss.
  • Habitat: Grown in the Northeastern USA and is found all over the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Preferred Conditions: Fern Moss prefers organic soil or humus-rich environments with enough moisture and shade. Can handle more sun than most other moss varieties.
  • Color: Exhibits a vibrant color spectrum, ranging from intense deep green to bright yellowish-green, adding a dynamic visual element to your garden.
  • Maintenance: Fern Moss is relatively easy to care for. After it is established, it won’t need any care.