Haircap Moss (Hairy Cap Moss)


Our Haircap Moss is sustainably harvested from our renewable fields and is often used for garden beds and terrariums in both indoor and outdoor settings. This moss thrives in medium shade to partial sun and sandy soil. All of our mosses are organic and pesticide-free.

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  • Name: Haircap Moss
  • Synonyms: Also known as Hairy Cap Moss, Common Haircap, Great Golden Maidenhair, Great Goldilocks, Common Haircap Moss, or Common Hair Moss.
  • Used For: Haircap Moss can be used for moss gardens, beds, terrariums in both indoors, and outdoors settings.
  • Conditions: Haircap Moss prefers medium shade to partial sun. It can survive indoors and outdoors.
  • Color: Haircap Moss has a dark green color.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance; occasional misting (if used indoors).