(Pin)cushion Moss


Pincushion Moss, also known as Cushion Moss, is a resilient and adaptable plant that thrives well in sandy, somewhat dry areas and prefers moderate shade. While direct sunlight won’t kill it, it can dry out the plant. If it receives too little water, it will turn brown but will quickly recover with adequate moisture. This moss is most suited to acidic soil but shows remarkable adaptability to survive in various soil conditions.

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  • Name: Pincushion Moss
  • Synonyms: Cushion Moss, Bun Moss, Pillow Moss
  • Habitat: Commonly found in the northern hemisphere, adaptable to a range of climatic conditions
  • Preferred Conditions: Does well in sandy, slightly dry areas with moderate shade; can tolerate direct sunlight
  • Soil Preference: Best in acidic soil, yet versatile enough to grow in different soil types
  • Color: Displays a unique blend of slightly grayish-white and green, adding a subtle but distinct touch to your garden
  • Maintenance: Low; capable of withstanding periods of drought and bouncing back with adequate moisture.