Live Reindeer Moss (Cladonia Rangiferina)


Enhance your indoor or outdoor space with our Fresh LIVE Reindeer Moss, sustainably harvested and shipped alive for a natural touch. Its unique texture and air-purifying properties make it perfect for living walls, ground cover, or floral accents. Easily maintain its vibrant beauty with just occasional misting, and choose from various quantities to suit your project’s needs.

  • Eco-friendly and alive: Our Reindeer Moss is sustainably sourced and arrives growing, ensuring a natural touch.
  • Multiple uses: Perfect for gardens, terrariums, living walls, and floral arrangements, this moss adds organic beauty.
  • Low-maintenance: With just occasional misting, Reindeer Moss remains healthy and vibrant, requiring minimal care.
  • Air purifying: Reindeer Moss is known for its air purifying qualities, making it a great addition to your space for improved air quality.
  • Also known as:┬áReindeer Lichen, Reindeer Cup Lichen, Grey Reindeer Lichen