Live Sheet Moss Fragments


Introducing our easy-to-use Moss Fragments: the perfect solution for transforming any outdoor space into a lush, monolithic moss garden! These small yet mighty sheet moss pieces expand over time, seamlessly filling in gaps between paver stones, enhancing flower beds, and providing an attractive, low-maintenance ground cover in wooded areas. Simply clear away leaf litter, and let the Moss Fragments work their magic in deep shade or dappled sunlight.

  • Low-maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, with no need for watering or fertilizing, and only occasional leaf litter removal.
  • Shade-tolerant: Thrives in deep shade, but also adaptable to dappled sunlight, making it suitable for various garden environments.
  • Eco-friendly alternative: Offers a natural, sustainable substitute for traditional mulch, benefiting both your garden and the environment