Sun Moss (Bryum Moss)


If you want to grow moss in a sunny area, you can use Bryum Moss (also known as Bryum Moss or Sidewalk Moss. This sun-tollerant moss can grow where other mosses can not grow. It can deal with foot-traffic and it can go for a while without moisture. It will become dormant if it doesn’t have enough moisture, or too much sun for a while, but it bounces back once the moisture levels increase.


  • Name: Sun Moss
  • Synonyms: Bryum Moss, Sidewalk Moss.
  • Color: A brilliant emerald green when damp.
  • Usage: Perfect for sidewalks, sunny gardens, and between stone on walkways.
  • Environment: It can tolerate both moderate shade and direct sunlight.
  • Soil Preference: Adaptable to a range of soil types. It will particularly thrive next to concrete or stone.
  • Maintenance: Minimal care is required.