Live Sun Tolerant Moss Clumps (Bryum Caespiticium)


Upgrade your outdoor space with Bryum Caespiticium, commonly referred to as “sidewalk moss”. This clump moss grows to two inches or less in height and is a brilliant emerald green when wet or damp. It can tolerate direct sunlight and easily survive being completely dried out, making it perfect for use adjacent to concrete or stone and between stone on walkways. With no need for mowing and won’t grow over the pavers, it’s a low-maintenance and attractive ground cover option. Order now and enjoy a beautiful and sustainable outdoor space!

  • Name: Bryum Moss
  • Also known as: Bryum caespiticium and Sidewalk Moss
  • Used for: Sidewalks and sunny gardens
  • Conditions: Moderate shade or direct sunlight
  • Color: Brilliant emerald green (when damp) or brown (when dried out)