Tree Moss


Our Tree Moss is sustainably harvested from our own forests in the Northeastern USA and grown without the use of pesticides. Our Tree Moss can cover your trees without harming it and it will attach itself within a couple of weeks.

You can also buy Tree Moss in bulk here.


  • Type of Moss: Tree Moss.
  • Color: A rich green hue
  • Usage: Perfect for trees, terrariums, and as a decorative element on old wood and rocks.
  • Characteristics: This moss forms green, velvety mats or cushions on trees, branches and rocks.
  • Environment: Thrives in moderate shade and prefers forest-like settings.
  • Benefits: Our Tree Moss creates a habitat for microorganisms and small wildlife and it enhances local biodiversity of your trees and garden.
  • Maintenance: Requires minimal care.