Mood Moss (Dicranum Scoparium) - 5 Square Feet


Name: Mood Moss

Also Known As: Dicranum Scoparium

Used For: Gardens, Beds, Rocks

Conditions: Full or partial shade

Color: Vibrant green

Short Description: Mood moss is also known as dicranum scoparium. It is found in the wild in partial sun and full shade and becomes draught tolerant once it is matured. Mood moss can reach a height of 3-4 inches and grows in a PH range of 5-6.


What Is Mood Moss (Dicranum Scoparium)?

Mood Moss belongs to the craned species and is known as dicranum scoparium. This moss thrives the northern hemisphere and grows in dry to moist wooded regions. The leaves of Mood Moss are curved to one side and have a distinctive shape.

Mood Moss has a rough texture and reaches 3 to 4 inches. Most people plant them in dark shaded spots located in regions without a lot of foot activity. After planting, it takes up to 6 months before Mood Moss starts spreading. The PH range of this moss is 5-6.

Once Mood Moss is matured, it becomes draught tolerant. It can be found in forest areas where there is a mix of partial sun and shade. It can grow on different surfaces due to it’s this rooting system.

In the wild it grows mostly on stones and moist soils. It is recommended to drain excess water so Mood Moss doesn’t drown. It is an easy moss to grow as long as it is in (partial) shade and moist conditions.