Mood Moss


Our sustainably harvested Mood Moss adds a charming touch with its feathery texture and vibrant green hue. This moss thrives on rocks, wooden surfaces, and complements other foliage effortlessly.


  • Name: Mood Moss
  • Appearance: Characterized by its feathery texture, creating a soft and delicate look.
  • Color: A lush, deep green that can vary to yellow-green.
  • Preferred Conditions: Thrives in full to partially-shaded environments, requiring 2-4 hours of sunlight daily. Moos moss is well suited for moist and well-draining areas.
  • Soil Preference: Adapts well to a range of soil types, as long as they are well-draining.
  • Usage: Ideal for enhancing the beauty of rocks, and wooden surfaces, and complementing other foliage in shade gardens or indoor settings.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance. Only enough moisture and not too much sunlight.

We also sell Mood Moss in bulk. You can order large quantities here.