Moss Bath Mat


We are super excited to introduce the Moss Bath Mat. This kit is desiged to turn your bathroom into a beautiful green sanctuary. Showering will never feel like it did before. You’ll reconnect with nature and with yourself.

Be aware that this is a kit so you need to set it up yourself. The Moss Bath Mat contains:

  • a waterproof tray: Durable and designed to contain the moss bath mat;
  • a water retention mat; this ensures optimal moisture levels for the moss.
  • a handpicked blend of;
    • cushion moss,
    • rock cap moss, and
    • sheet moss.


  • Easy Assembly: Simple and quick to set up. This will take you only minutes.
  • Natural Appeal: The moss mat will bring a natural and earthy vibe into your bathroom.
  • Therapeutic: You’ll feel connected with nature, which will have a therapeutic and calming effect.
  • Easy to Maintain: The mat only needs indirect natural light and daily misting (or showering).
  • Dimension: 26×18 inches.


  • Well-Being: The moss bath mat creates a sense of calm and it will connect you to earth and nature.
  • Natural: All our moss is naturally produced without pesticides.
  • Design: This will make your bathroom stand out because of it’s beautiful design.

Transform your bathroom into a lush, green oasis, and you’ll never look back. We should connect more with nature and this is your chance. Make the showering a moment to calm yourself and connect with nature.