Moss Milkshake


This moss milkshake covers 15 sq ft of your lawn and it is perfect if you have have some patience. The moss milkshake contains 16 oz of moss fragments and it should be planten in shady areas of your garden. If you want to plant moss in sunny areas, use the Sun Moss Milkshake instead.


  • Covers Shady Areas: Perfect for areas with deep shade where grass won’t survive.
  • Usage: Simply spread the moss milkshake fragments over the area.
  • Watering: Twice per day for the first two weeks. And once per day until the moss is established.
  • Coverage: 16 oz. of moss fragment which covers 15 square feet.
  • Contents: A mix of premium shade-loving moss. It also includes organic tackifier gel powder to improve adhesion.

What To Expect

  • Acclimation: The moss is green and brown which is normal during the acclimation process.
  • Development: Gradual greening and a thin coverage over 3 to 6 months (depending on the seasons and conditions).
  • Maturity: You can expect a thick and solid green moss carpet after 12 to 18 months.

You can buy the moss milkshake in bulk here.