Moss-Tac | Moss Adhesive (12 Units)


This product is a premium and organic tackifier designed to hold down clumps of newly transplanted moss and it contains 12 units. Click here if you only want to buy one unit of Moss-Tac instead of a bulk order of 12.


Nature-friendly: Moss-Tac is make from the seed of the Plantago insularis (plantego plant). Therefore it is 100% organic, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
Application: It holds down live clumps or sheets of moss, and it adheres to fragmented moss to various substrates.
Binding Agent: This product creates a robust and uniform bond and stabilizes moss during its growth and transplantation phases.
Environmentally Safe: It is free of harmful chemicals.
User-Friendly: Moss Tac can be applied as a dry powder or wet slurry to both dry and wet surfaces and even during rain.
Quantity: 12 units (bulk). Click here if you only want one unit of Moss Tac.


Dry Application: Put the dry powder on a damp substrate so it becomes sticky after a few minutes and ready for the moss to be pressed onto the surface.

Wet Application: You can make a wet slurry for immediate application. This can be more suitable for certain environmental conditions.