New York Fern


This organically grown New York Fern is described by science as Thelypteris noveboracensis. It is a native and deciduous fern species with delicate, lacy fronds. It thrives in the moist woodlands and meadows of Eastern North America. The yellow-green fronds stand out on the forest floor and make it a beautiful addition to shady gardens.


  • Name: New York Fern
  • Scientific Name: Thelypteris noveboracensis
  • Appearance: This is a medium-sized fern with delicate, blade-shaped fronds that taper sharply at both ends. This creates a unique triangular shape. The fronds are most larger in the middle and have the look of a feather.
  • Color: During summer, the plant has a vibrant yellow-green color and golden brown in fall.
  • Environment: The New York Fern is commonly found in Eastern North American woodlands. It thrives naturally in large colonies that carpet the forest floor beneath the trees.
  • Soil Preference: As most ferns and mosses, it has a preference for moist and well-drained soils and it does especially well in limestone-rich soils.
  • Growth Habit: Forms clumps that can span two to three feet wide, growing one to two feet high, effectively creating a verdant carpet in its native habitat.
  • Biodiversity Support: This form provides shelter and the local wildlife and increases biodiversity.
  • Maintenance: This fern is of low maintenance after it is established.
  • Benefits: The New York Fern helps as a soil stabiliser, increases biodiversity, and fills up empty shady areas of gardens.
  • Usage: This fern is used for woodland gardens, mos lawns, or in other garden designs with shady and moist areas.