(Pin)cushion Moss (Bulk)


Pincushion Moss is also known as Cushion Moss, Bun Moss, or Pillow Moss. This organically grown and sustainably harvested moss is now available in bulk quantities ranging from 50 square feet to 1,000 square feet. This moss is perfect for large-scale landscaping projects or for those looking to cover extensive areas. Pincushion moss thrives in sandy, somewhat dry areas but it can adapt to all soil types (like mos mosses).

You can also buy Pincushion moss in smalller quantities here. This is the bulk version of this moss.


  • Name: Pincushion Moss (Bulk version)
  • Synonyms: Cushion Moss, Bun Moss, or Pillow Moss
  • Habitat: This moss is commonly found in the northern hemisphere and it adapts well to a wide range of climatic conditions.
  • Preferred Conditions: This moss like sandy, slightly dry areas with moderate shade but can tolerate direct sunlight without being killed. We don’t recommend planting this moss in areas with more than 6 hours of sun.
  • Soil Preference: Shows a slight preference for acidic soil but it thrives well in various soil types.
  • Color: A blend of slightly grayish-white and green.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance; the moss is capable of withstanding periods of drought and will quickly recover with adequate moisture.