Preserved Pillow Moss (Mood Moss)


Our natural Preserved Mood Moss (sometimes call Pillow Moss), a product is harvested from natural and sustainable sources and will last forever in your house without the need to maintain it. You can use it for moss art or use it for floral arrangement both indoors and outdoors. WE make sure that the green color and texture stays the same so to the eye it looks like living moss.We sell preserved mood moss in smaller and larger quantities.


Sustainable Harvesting: We always focus on sustainable harvesting.
Perfectly Preserved: This moss has maintained it’s vibrant color and texture so it looks and feels like live moss.
Usage: This products is pefect for floral designs, space embellishments or other creative works (both indoor and outdoor).
Quantities: You can buy only 1 sq ft or buy it in bulk.
Type of moss: Pillow Moss (Dicranum) which is sometimes called Mood Moss as well.