Natural Preserved Sheet Moss


Experience the everlasting allure of Preserved Sheet Moss, meticulously crafted from real moss and effortlessly maintained. With no need for growth or extensive care, this versatile moss opens a world of creative possibilities in home decor, events, and crafts. Attach it to any surface using suitable adhesives or explore artificial alternatives. Its long-lasting beauty withstands the test of time with proper care, making it the perfect choice for adding natural elegance to any space. Discover the timeless charm of Preserved Sheet Moss and effortlessly transform your surroundings with nature’s finest.

If you are looking for preserved sheet moss in bulk, you can find it here.

The Sheet Moss is naturally preserved and produced in the USA

Names: Sheet Moss, Flat Moss, Carpet Moss, Hypnum Cupresiforme, Hypnum Moss
Sizes: One square foot, 5 square feet & 10 square feet

NOTE: This is preserved sheet moss. You can find living sheet moss for sale here.