Reindeer Moss (Bulk)


This is Live Reindeer Moss (not dried or preserved) and available in bulk quantities. Reindeer moss is technically not a moss but a lichen and is also known as Reindeer Lichen, Reindeer Cup Lichen, and Grey Reindeer Lichen. We grow Reindeer Moss organically on our renewable fields without the use of pesticides or chemicals. You can use this plant in both indoor and outdoor settings.

This is a bulk product. You can buy live Reindeer moss in smaller quantities here.


  • Name: Reindeer Moss (Bulk version)
  • Synonyms: Also known as Reindeer Lichen, Reindeer Cup Lichen, and as Grey Reindeer Lichen.
  • Habitat: This lichen thrives in different settings and is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Preferred Conditions: To maintain its health and vibrancy, it requires occasional misting if it is used indoors.
  • Usage Reindeer moss adapts well to various soils which makes it perfect for living moss walls, terrariums, and other natural installations.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance but it needs occasional misting when you keep it indoors.