Rock Cap Moss (Bulk)


Our Rock Cap Moss is sustainably harvested from our renewable fields in the Northeastern USA. This moss is naturally covers boulders or trees and is now also available in bulk quantities from 50 square feet up to 1000 square feet. This moss is Ideal for landscaping in rocky, partially shaded areas and creates a wild and natural aesthetic.

This is a bulk product. You can buy Rock Cap Moss in smaller quantities here.


  • Name of moss: Rock Cap Moss (Bulk version)
  • Color: A spectrum of green, from medium to dark shades
  • Usage: Mainly used for adding texture and depth to rocks and boulders in moss gardens and beds.
  • Characteristics: It grows in clump sizes.
  • Environment: Rock Cap Moss thrives in both full shade and partial sun and on wooden and rocky surfaces.
  • Soil Preference: This moss is highly transplantable and thrives on both rocky and wooden surfaces and all types of soil in shaded areas.
  • Maintenance: Rock Cap Moss requires minimal upkeep. Ensure that it receives enough moisture and shade until it is well established.