Sheet Moss (Bulk)


Sheet Moss is also known as Hypnum Moss or Feather Moss and available in bulk from 50 square feet to 1,000 square feet. Our Sheet Moss is organically grown on our renewable fields in the Northeastern USA. We grow our mosses without pesticides or chemicals so we can ensure that it is safe to use.
Sheet moss is the most used moss variant for moss lawns.  This is because it has a carpet-like cushion with a soft texture and it can moderate foot traffic. A perfect alternative to traditional grass lawns.
This is the bulk version. You can buy sheet moss in smaller quantities here. 


  • Name: Sheet Moss (Bulk version)
  • Synonym: Hypnum Moss, Feather Moss
  • Appearance: Forms a lush, carpet-like cushion and provides a soft and dense cover for large areas.
  • Color: Deep, bright green to yellow-green hues.
  • Preferred Conditions: Best suited for fully or partially shaded areas, requiring 2-4 hours of sunlight per day to maintain its lush appearance.
  • Soil Preference: Prefers moist and acidic soil conditions to thrive but will adjust to all soil types.
  • Usage: Perfect for creating extensive shady moss gardens. Sheet moss is capable of handling light to moderate foot traffic and is a great low maintanace alternative to traditional grass lawns.