Sun Moss Milkshake


Introducing Sun Moss Milkshake – the perfect solution for achieving a lush, green ground cover in areas with sun exposure. This sun-tolerant moss milkshake is made with pre-ground fragments of Sidewalk Moss or Bryum Moss (Bryum Caespiticium), a moss species that can handle full sun when kept moist. With one bag covering up to 15 sq. ft., it’s perfect for filling gaps between pavers and creating a solid mass in just a few months.

  • Type of Moss: Sidewalk Moss or Bryum Moss (Bryum Caespiticium) – a sun-tolerant moss
  • Area Covered: One bag covers up to 15 sq. ft.
  • Ideal Conditions: Damp shade but can also handle full sun when kept moist. Ideal for areas where moisture accumulates, such as gaps between paver stones.

If you want to grow your moss in shady areas, we recommed to use the Moss Milkshake instead.