Topiary Moss


Our naturally grown Topiary Moss is harvested from our sustainable growth fields and is most used for sculptures or other forms of moss art. This moss is free of pesticides and other chemicals. Making it a perfectly safe choice for your moss art.

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  • Name: Topiary Moss
  • Used For: Topiary sculptures and garden art
  • Conditions: Thrives in both full shade and partial sun.
  • Color: Exhibits a beautiful spectrum from medium to light green, ensuring your garden’s lively and bright appearance.
  • Environment: Adaptable to a variety of conditions, Topiary Moss performs well in shaded and moderately sunny areas.
  • Soil Preference: Our Topiary Moss is not very picky about its base. It attaches to most natural surfaces, which makes it perfect for sculptural gardening.
  • Maintenance: Topiary moss requires minimal upkeep. It will thrive if you use a good base and receive enough moisture and shade.