Topiary Moss (Bulk)


Our naturally grown Topiary Moss is now available in bulk quantities for grand-scale artistic and sculptural projects. This moss is cultivated for the usae of topiary projects in the Northeastern USA. We ensure that we never use chemicals or pesticides so the topiary moss is safe to use for your moss art.

This is a bulk product. You can also buy Topiary Moss in smaller quantities here.


  • Name: Topiary Moss (Bulk version)
  • Used For: Cultivated for creating large-scale topiary sculptures and garden art.
  • Conditions: Versatile in its growth conditions. This moss thrives in both full shade and partial sun and can be used for a wide range of artistic and garden settings.
  • Color: A beautiful spectrum from medium to light green.
  • Environment: Adaptable to a variety of conditions but avoid full sun. Regular misting is required when using it for Topiary art.
  • Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep as long as it is applied to a good base and receives adequate moisture and shade.