Tree Moss (Anomodon Attenuates)


Our naturally grown Tree Moss (also known as Anomodon attenuates) belongs to the Leskeaceae family and thrives on tree bases with its coarse, mat-forming texture. But it is not only limited to trees, Tree Apron Moss also grows well on rocks, logs, and stumps, and can adapt to grow directly on the soil. This moss is grown and harvested in our own forests without the use of pesticides or chemicals.


  • Name: Tree Moss
  • Scienctific name: Anomodon Attenuatus
  • Other common names: Tree apron moss, Tree-Skirt Moss, Poodle Moss, and Anomodon Moss
  • Color: Between a bright green and light brown (depending on conditions).
  • Usage: Ideal for dressing the bases of trees. You can also cover rocks and boulders, or logs and stumps in shaded garden areas.
  • Environment: Prefers moderate shade. This moss thrives in wooded areas or gardens with moderate sunlight.
  • Soil Preference: While it naturally grows on tree bark, rocks, and logs, but Tree Apron Moss adapts well and can thrive on various soil type
  • Maintenance: Requires minimal care once established.