Tree Apron Moss | 10 Square Feet


Name: Tree Apron Moss

Also Known As: Anomodon Attenuatus

Used For: Rocks, base of trees, on boulders

Conditions: Moderate shade

Color: Bright green or light brown

Short Description: Tree apron moss is also knows as Anomodon Attenuatus and grows usually on the bark of trees. You can also find this type of moss on rocks, stumps and sometimes on normal soil.


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What Is Tree Apron Moss?

The scientific name of Tree Apron Moss is: “Anomodon attenuates”. This moss is part of the Leskeaceae Family and grows on the bark at the base of a tree. You can also find this moss on rocks, logs or stumps and will grow on the soil if it is planted there.

Tree Apron Moss grows all over eastern North America, west of Colorado and in the south. You can also find this plant in Europe and Asia.

This is a robust and coarse textured moss with mat forming pleurocarp. The branches are drooping and it has secondary stemsand tapered branches. This type of moss has sharp pointed leaves and grows up to 1 inch (2.7 cm to be exact)


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