Tree Moss (Bulk)


Our Tree Moss is sustainably harvested from our forests in the Northeastern USA and cultivated without pesticides. This moss is designed to naturally adorn your trees. It attaches itself to the tree within a couple of weeks and by covering trees, it promotes health and growth and creates a fairy tale appearance.

This is a bulk product. You can also buy Tree moss in smaller quantities here.


  • Type of Moss: Tree Moss (Bulk version)
  • Color: A rich green hue.
  • Usage: Tree moss is used and cultivated for enhancing the aesthetic of trees, old wood, and rocks.
  • Characteristics: Forms green, velvety mats or cushions. It seamlessly integrates with the natural environment of trees and branches.
  • Environment: Best suited for moderate to full shade.
  • Benefits: Creates a nurturing habitat for microorganisms and small wildlife. Tree moss contributes to the local biodiversity of your garden and the trees.
  • Maintenance: This moss requires minimal care after it is esthablished.