At home with moss

bonsai-3590699 Welcome to my home away from home.  Come, leave your cares at the steps; go west then north.  Tiny your size and imagine how clever I can be with moss as my muse.  Imagine, how savvy you will be, once mellowed by moss. After our minds have synced, we can roll down the hill for the pleasure of doing so or just travel from moss to moss.  We can write poetry at Campylopus introflexus, doodle near Leucobryum glaucum, and perhaps share a kiss at Anomodon rostratus. If we have time, we can picnic under the western red cedar and pretend our day just began.  At the end of our time together, we can rest and reflect at Brachythecium rutabulum. Leave your e-world at the foot of the blue dish.  It is not welcomed here.  Bring with you only your infancy — the  life before the world charged you.  You don’t know how?  You will, with the first step.  Let moss give you energy; let moss recharge you, preparing you for life’s re-entry.  It all starts with the first step. David Spain’s inspiration for this moss dish began with a miniature aquarium decoration of a Japanese structure.  “I wanted to design my tiny-h-ouse-199x300-1453804 version of a fairy/miniature landscape using mosses.” Using flakes of Tennessee flagstone, stacked and glued, with a gravel pathway of course sand, David ‘s design is sure to spur fantasies of your own.  Where does your imagination take you? logo2-8830062 stone-support-150x150-3839982To learn more about Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks!, please visit our website.  Or email David Spain at

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