Undulating Waves

Ends curl along the pottery’s edge, as if lapping the rise and fall of the ocean’s water, Marsha Owens Pottery provides a fluid vessel for moss to float.

Mounting, moss species of acrocarps Dicranum scoparium, Campylopus introflexus and Luecobryum glaucum, mesh well with small stemmed pleurocarpous moss, Bryoandersonia illecebra, where over time, the pleurocarp will intermingle with the acrocarps. Further adding texture to the scene, are the likes of Parmelia lichen and Cladonia cristatella, remaining moist nestled with the mosses.

A mere eight inches at the widest point, this low profile planter is the perfect scale for many mosses. Designed for shade, this dish garden mixes shades of green and interesting textures for visual impact, creating an oasis in a dandy dish.

Homed indoors or out, this dish will have you searching a prominent shady spot in your garden or on your desk for easy admiration.

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