Ken Gergle’s Photography


Award winning photographer, Ken Gergle, is the man behind the lens at Moss And Stone Gardens.

I’m of the opinion that Ken is Moss and Stone Garden’s unsung hero.  For almost a year, Moss And Stone Gardens has posted weekly with one of Ken Gergle’s fantastic photos.  Each week, Ken works on a moss composition for the blog to use for a story idea Moss And Stone Gardens or I have.

With apologies, we tend to blindside Ken, giving very little notice and often some off-the-wall subject. Once I figure out what I want to write about, our conversations go something like this, “Ken can you get me a closeup photo of some sporophytes? Umm, I need it by Monday…”  Yes, after all this time, he is still talking to me.


Ken is a pro. Despite, short notice, never knowing what the topic will be next, aside from the theme of moss, he manages to produce photos that get our readers (that’s you!) visiting again and again.  We are a team, and Ken Gergle’s photography is the master at making whatever I write about interesting; Moss And Stone Gardens makes sure what I write about is right.  I’m merely the moss messenger.


Thanks to all our readers for continuing to visit our blog and clicking through to the website. You give us purpose; although we would continue to write about moss, it’s just nice to know others are interested in it too.  Happy New Year and may we continue to explore moss together in 2012.


Ken has had a lifelong passion for the interpreting the visual world around him. To this end, he studied graphic design, art, and of course, photography.

For over 30 years, Ken has photographed both in the studio and on location for a wide variety of ad agencies, corporations, and businesses of all types. He has created imagery that sold, inspired, and motivated.

Today, Ken works primarily as a nature photographer and continues the exploration of all around him that visually stimulates and inspires.


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