Fun Faerie Facts

fern-fairy-ver-1000-681x1024-9751564 Faeries are famous for being known as fickle. It’s the price they pay for being beautiful or at least that’s the general assumption among the humans.  They are indeed beautiful. But to a Faerie, they are not fickle; rather, they are fiery, flirty, and fashionably adorable. Because Faeries are so often misunderstood, they felt it was important to teach humans some fun Faerie facts. Needing a human to speak on their behalf, they turned to me. I was flattered, of course, and honored at the same time. As it was explained to me, I was the perfect choice since there are so few of us who fully understand Faeries. It takes someone who regularly communicates with Faeries to know how they live, and since they make their home at Moss and Stone Gardens, we’ve had plenty of time understanding each other. So let’s spread some Faerie wing and learn a few things about being a Faerie.
      • The lifespan of a Faerie is one-thousand years.
      • Faeries are monogamous; they mate with the same male, but prefer living with the girls. The males don’t like this arrangement, but they have no say. Faeries dominate.
      • A male “Faerie” is called a Folly.
      • Little is known about Follies since they are mute and have no other way to communicate. Faeries prefer it this way.
      • At one time Follies could communicate, but over two millenniums, the Faeries selected out the vocal males until they were left only with a non-speaking species.
      • Faeries are fiercely independent.
      • Faerie babies, also known as wee Faeries, are born in the dew of the fern. The mama Faerie is able to delay birth until conditions are just right.
      • Each Faerie has a litter of about four wee Faeries, and can reproduce four times a year for about forty years.
      • It takes 140 years for a Faerie to reach puberty; 14 years before they can walk.
      • All Faeries prefer flying over walking.
      • Faeries wing span is 1 inch.
      • Faeries weigh a little less than the weight of a  postage stamp.
      • Faeries are vegan.
      • They live in Faerie houses, and sleep on beds of moss.
      • Though they can confuse one with their words, fairies cannot lie. They hate being told thank you, as they see it as a sign of one forgetting the good deed done, and, instead want something that will guarantee remembrance.
      • To attract Faeries to your garden you must allow moss to grow somewhere.
      • You must have permission from a faerie before their image can be captured with a camera.
      • Faeries think pallet gardens are over-rated.

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